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 All you need is love.


All you need is love.



Let's cupture these beautiful moments!

Just remember that you


Just remember that you're beautiful!

A celebration of love and friendship.


A celebration of love and friendship.

When you photograph a face . . . you photograph the soul behind it. J.L Godard<br />
~<br />


When you photograph a face . . . you photograph the soul behind it. J.L Godard

Music, people, arts. Let


Music, people, arts. Let's party!

Our Philosophy


     We pride ourselves on not just delivering outstanding quality photography, but a truly personal service. At Now For You building a lasting relationship with clients is to listen to them and any questions, ideas or requirements they may have and to build from this. That is why every session is tailored to you. With a strong belief in keeping up with constantly evolving technology all our equipment is professional grade Nikon, Canon & Sony with studio and location lighting by Elinchrom.

   It’s this combined with professional photography experience between Tomas , Joanna, Mike and Kasia that makes Now For You a reliable and solid choice that you can relax knowing you will look stunning on the day weather it be your wedding or makeover.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our photography and what we can offer.


Our Outstanding Team

A little about who is behind Now For You and who we are...
Joanna Furgal
Joanna Furgal
Joanna started with an early interest in photography that has developed over the years into a natural 'reportage' style. With a strong interest in the natural environment her attention to detail and the area surrounding her subject can be seen in her work.
Joanna is currently organising activities via photography in Scotland. She was also preparing creative workshops for children and adults during her work in financial corporations and organizations. Her strong points using therapeutic photography techniques to develop soft skills, team building development, self confidence and creativity. She gained her Postgraduate Degree in Academy of business coaches followed with a Masters Degree in Pedagogical University of the Polish Association and attended the The School of Creative Advertising Photography & Graphics 'Positive' Poland.
Her creative thinking and love of working with people make photo shoots with Joanna truly relaxed and natural.

portfolio: www.furahelena.com

Tomas MacDonald-Wilson
Tomas MacDonald-Wilson
Tomas is always searching for a new perspectives and avoiding the ordinary views in photography, his love of a challenge and every moment behind the camera is portrayed in his work. With a strong passion for photography from a young age and having trained in a busy photography studio in Suffolk, ENGLAND between 2000 and 2003 mainly shooting commercial product and fine art fashion. Tomas graduated in 2003 with a HNC Photography from West Suffolk College, England and moved in September of that year to the Isle of Islay off the west coast of SCOTLAND.
Tomas has run workshops within Argyll and the Isles since 2007 concentrating mainly on fine art landscape, seascape and the malt whisky production that attracted participents from across Europe. In 2011 Tomas moved from analogue to digital, but still retains the strict discipline of film photography and has also has gained a strong skill set in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop in order to enhance his work.

portfolio: www.letsbeunique.com

Mike Jablonski
Mike Jablonski
Mike is interested in photography in general since early teens. He never received any photographic education of any sort. Working for international airline as a flight crew, allows him to travel a lot. He was doing street photography for a long time, not even knowing that it is called that way. Pure amateur, but making photos on everyday basis, is it either personal photography of his life, his family and loved ones, or on the streets of various places worldwide.

Influenced by work of such masters as Joel Meyerowitz, Daido Moriyama, Jacob Sobol, Bruce Gilden. Mostly working with film cameras, Mike develops his films in his darkroom where he also teaches other film enthusiasts in this forgotten art of developing and printing. On the streets making pictures using rangefinder cameras and simple point and shoots, as they tend not to stand in the way between the photographer and the subject.

Utilizing minimalistic approach to life and also photography in order to avoid uneccessary distractions. Less is more, constrains boost creativity.

portfolio: www.michaljablonski.org

Kasia Dzieszko
Kasia Dzieszko
Photography enables Kasia not only to peek the outside world, but her inner self as well. What she loves, not only in photography, but generally in life, is exploring our world, curiosity, discovering and experiencing new things, places, tastes, smells, people, music, nature and herself - no time for boredom for Kasia!

Kasia preserves everyday reality as it is, but also to spice it up a little with some abstraction. Thanks to photography she can better experience this world. She highly values co-working and nature. She likes getting lost and finding her way again on the streets full of people, in the woods during a lonely walk or a bicycle ride. Her parents seeded a saying she deeply believes in - „You have to get crazy if you don’t want to lose your mind”

To provide others with most beautiful memories in the form of making pictures, is what gives her the biggest satisfaction. She is always seeking the impact those pictures make on people, no matter if it is laughter, tears, smile or blushes. All those emotions drive her forward, with new plans, projects and ideas.

Kasia finished post-secondary photography school „Photoeducation” in Katowice, Poland. Now studying Art Therapy. She is a founding member of TTF (Tychy’s Photographic Society). Thanks to Trainer School „Meritum” in Katowice and studies at Silesian University, Social Studies Faculty she connected photography and personal progress workshops. Kasia runs her own workshops for kids and adults, using photography and art teraphy as a foundation.

portfolio: www.kasiadzieszko.pl/

Our Work Standard

You don't take a photograph, you make it. Ansel Adams

Meeting Up

We know the key to a great relaxed photoshoot is to meet up, grab a coffee and start planning as soon as possible.This gives you the chance to review our portfolio of images, ask any questions you have and to discuss your requirements along with ideas. This we call 'designing the shoot' and by doing this we can build a profile that we can work to on the day of the shoot.

We work nationwide

We don't just love meeting new people, but also love new destinations. We are based in the beautiful County of Argyll, Scotland however are available throughout the U.K. & Worldwide on all our services.

Our Prints

All our prints are professionally printed using only original Canon lightfast pigment inks on the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9400 Giclée printer. We have a large choice of media available from Fuji gloss photo paper to German Etching© and can also print to Canvas, aluminium & acrylic. We can handle print sizes from 6X4" to 90X30".

Editing & Retouching

Editing and retouching is a careful balance of keeping the images natural, yet visually appealing.
After every photo shoot we carefully review and select the images for editing and if needed retouching. The final picture is as important to us as it is to you and that is why we always work closely throughout with clients to ensure the final picture is perfect to requirements.

Our Kit

Investment is the key to any successful business as it the correct grade of kit for the job! This is why Now For You have chosen the best and use only professional grade cameras, lenses & lighting. But it doesn't stop there, we are constantly developing our skills adding new technique in our chosen field.

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