the bouquet of life

by admin, May 18, 2016

The bouquet of life – workshop full of flowers & photography.





During this workshop we are surprising people by bringing flowers. Some of them just touch the flowers and immediately smile is coming into their faces. Just for a moment, a few minutes or seconds but so full of positive emotions. 

Then comes the time for taking photos. We prepare participants hands together by choosing perspective and trying different positions, still speaking about how beautiful the flowers and hands are together, and how nice it is to be close with them every day.

It’s about using senses, we see, we touch, we smell, we listening, we start to talk about flowers, colours and life experiences.

This is not the end, after our sessions with flowers, we come back to this topic and view the photographs. Talks about ready pictures were also giving us opportunity to come back to good moments and choosing which pictures we like the most.

A lot of our participants want to send prints to family members so it is also beautiful gift. If people wish to have a prints we prepare them.

Another form of work we use during our workshops:

– portrait with flowers,

– flowers arranging,

– pressing and sticking flowers.

During this project we provide individual and group sessions.


Flowers and photography have an amazing power let’s create together a magic moments.